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OpenSC provides access to information about where products come from, how they are produced and their journey to you, so that you make informed purchasing decisions in line with your values
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Use your purchasing power to make a real difference

The future of the planet and the livelihoods of millions of people around the world are driven by the production of goods we buy every day including beef, seafood, sugar, paper and cotton. By choosing responsibly produced items we can create real change. OpenSC provides information about products that we can trust to help make informed decisions


Of global biodiversity loss driven by food production


People in modern day slavery, many enslaved making products we consume

Why use OpenSC?

See the story
of your product

Discover where products came from, how they were produced, who made and delivered them and the journey the took to you


See verified claims about whether a product was sustainably and ethically produced so that you can choose products which make a difference

Quality &

Find information about quality, production and freshness. Avoid fraud and make sure you’re getting the real thing.

Health &

Feel certain that your products were produced and handled by trusted parties with respect for you health and safety.


How it works

The platform allows you to verify how a product was produced, see your product's journey from origin to you and discover product stories as you purchase.


verify how a product was produced

OpenSC’s community of conservation and human rights experts use technology and data to verify claims about whether products were produced responsibly

You can see that data and process they use for yourself on our platform

trace product journEYs from origin to you

Individual products are tagged and traced from source to you on our transparent, tamper-proof platform

You can see the journey  mapped out on your device

discover product stories as you purchase

See OpenSC products online, in-store or on the pack

We equip each product with a unique digital ID that you can scan to learn more

how it works

Look out for OpenSC on products

Wherever you see a OpenSC label, scan it using your smartphone camera to discover the journey that your specific product took from origin to you and to see verified information about whether it was sustainably and ethically produced.

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OpenSC is co-founded by world leaders

OpenSC was co-founded by WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) and BCG Digital Ventures aimed at addressing these challenges. Working Capital (supported by Humanity United) joined OpenSC as a strategic impact investor


WWF is the world’s largest conservation organisation with a presence in over 100 countries. For over 30 years it has lead sustainable supply chain transformation by partnering with large producers and retailers to establish and adopt certification standards for responsible production and consumption.


BCG is a global management consulting firm which advises the world's largest companies. BCG Digital Ventures partners with these organisation to launch new ventures. DV is at the forefront of blockchain enabled supply chain traceability having built world-leading platforms with De Beers, Cisco & others.


Working Capital is an early stage venture fund that invests in scalable innovations to meet the growing corporate demand for more transparent and ethical supply chains, addressing the urgent need to protect vulnerable workers and source responsibly. It was created by Humanity United, a foundation dedicated to changing the systems that contribute to problems like human trafficking, mass atrocities, and violent conflict.

OpenSC gives consumers the power to track their purchases from source to store, enabling them to buy sustainable, ethical and fair products from companies. OpenSC is a game-changer, massively increasing transparency and accountability

Marco Lambertini, Director General WWF International

OpenSC will enable our customers to know the story behind what they’re eating and the beautiful romance around it. I don’t care what anyone says, when you know the story your food, it just tastes better!

Matt Moran, Leading Chef, Restaurateur & International Culinary Panel Singapore Airlines

Woolworths has been working with OpenSC on this innovative technology as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver quality, fresh and sustainable products to our customers.

Alex Holt, GM Quality, Health & Sustainability Woolworths Group
Australia's largest grocery retailer

One third of all food is wasted. So as OpenSC creates efficiencies in supply chains, as it tracks temperature from end-to-end, and targets very precise recalls - we can save days of shelf life and reduce food waste. This is great businesses and the planet.

Paul Hunyor, MD BCG Digital Ventures
Co-Chair World Economic Forum Council on Responsible Consumption

OpenSC gives producers like Austral an unprecedented way to connect all the way through to end consumers, be at the cutting edge of scientific fisheries management and optimise supply chain operations

David Carter, CEO of Austral
Part of the Maruha Nichiro group
World's largest seafood company


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