Strengthen your certification with the latest tech
Certification bodies and businesses who have invested in becoming certified can use OpenSC to increase visibility and engagement on digital channels, ensure integrity of certified products as they are traced throughout supply chains and use tech and data to automate real time auditing in line with their standards

OpenSC believes in the power of robust certification

The leading way to verify claims about responsible production to date has been through voluntary certification standards. OpenSC was co-founded by the World Wildlife Fund who have helped to establish a number of the world’s leading certification standards such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and several others.

OpenSC emerged out of a recognition that technology is radically transforming the ways in which businesses, consumers and certification schemes operate and interact. Production standards are changing as new methods for fishing, farming, manufacturing and transport emerge. The volumes and types of data captured along supply chains are evolving at an ever accelerating pace. Businesses are replacing manual point-in-time audits which sample part of their operations, with continuous real-time data monitoring at an individual product level. Patterns of consumer engagement are shifting with the rise of new media such as voice and augmented reality. Business leaders are asking questions about the role of brands and labels in this future landscape.

In this context, OpenSC aims to support the efforts of voluntary certification standards and businesses who have invested in becoming certified with the latest technology available.


Increase visibility of your certification on digital channels

Promote your certification through digital experiences online, in store and food service and on-products. Drive consumer engagement by developing interactive, smart labeling technology around your brand. Link your brand to data-backed stories.


Trace certified products throughout supply chains

Gain access to robust data about how particular certified products move through supply chains including where they travel, who handles them and which organisation has legal custody. Reduce fraud, false labelling and swapping with mass/balance checks. Improve trust and confidence about which certified products are authentic.


Use tech & data to audit in line with your standards

Reduce costs and improve reliability of auditing by automating manual processes with data and technology. Keep pace as businesses move from manual point-in-time audits which sample part of their operations to continuous real-time data monitoring at an individual product level. Anticipate changes in data, technology and production standards which may impact your certification.


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