OpenSC for business and the planet

Why OpenSC for business?


Be empowered to produce and source responsibly. Meet sustainability commitments and publicly celebrate achievements with passionate consumers. Partner with leading conservation and human rights organisations.


Meet increasing consumer demand for transparency. Create powerful consumer experiences around traceability stories. Drive price premiums and increased sales through provenance marketing.


Optimise supply chain operations with increased data and visibility. Maximize goods quality, reduce costs and risk with predictive analytics, cold chain management and targeted recalls.


Protect food safety against contamination. Gain visibility to proactively prevent abuse and traceability for quick response to issues when they occur.


Prove and automate compliance with health, labor, production, traceability and international import/export regulations.


How it works

OpenSC empowers business to verify claims about responsible production, trace products throughout supply chain and share traceability stories with consumers.


Verify claims about sustainable & ethical production

Use data science and machine learning to verify claims such as...

“produced by legally registered workers”
“Fished outside protected areas”
“Farmed on deforestation-free land”
and many more.

Trace products throughout supply chainS

Capture unique product-level data throughout supply chain using IoT including location, temperature, light and chain of custody

Store end-to-end traceability data from different players along the supply chain in a secure and trustworthy way on our decentralised platform

Share traceability stories with consumers

Create engaging digital experiences around powerful stories

Share in-store, food service, online and on-product


Case Study - Austral Fisheries

We helped Austral Fisheries, part of the Maruha Nichiro Seafood Group, implement OpenSC technology in its Antarctic Toothfish operation (Chilean Sea Bass) and throughout its global supply chain across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Austral was the world’s first MSC certified sustainable and carbon neutral fishery.


Much of the world’s fish is caught illegally in protected zones or by unlicensed vessels. We used data science and machine learning to analyse GPS satellite data, sea depth, weather and government data to verify that Austral's vessels always fished in legal zones regulated by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. We helped Austral share this data and the verified results publicly, while securely protecting commercially sensitive information.


We used IoT and blockchain to trace Austral's Patagonian Toothfish (Chilean Sea Bass) from catch in Antarctica, through to port in Mauritius, filleting in Perth, and distribution across Asia, Europe and the Americas. We attached RFID tags, temperature sensors and QR codes to fish creating unique digital identification numbers for each one. We stored this information, as well as chain of custody, in our decentralised platform as the fish were scanned by various actors throughout the supply chain.


We supported Austral in the journey to transform their fish from an indiscernible commodity into a premium, traceable, provenance branded product - Glacier 51 Toothfish. We designed a series of engaging digital experiences where restaurant staff could tell the fish’s story from bait-to-plate to diners using tablets, customers could scan a QR code to view a website, and interact with a branded digital installation in specialty seafood retail stores.


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OpenSC is co-founded by world leaders

OpenSC was launched by the WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) and BCG Digital Ventures. Together we work with the world’s largest companies to help them  create more sustainable, ethical, profitable and digital supply chains.


WWF is the world’s largest conservation organisation with a presence in over 100 countries. For over 30 years it has lead sustainable supply chain transformation by partnering with large producers and retailers to establish and adopt certification standards for responsible production and consumption.


BCG is a global management consulting firm which advises the world's largest companies. BCG Digital Ventures partners with these organisation to launch new ventures. DV is at the forefront of blockchain enabled supply chain traceability having built world-leading platforms with De Beers, Cisco & others.

OpenSC gives producers like Austral an unprecedented opportunity to connect all the way through to end consumers, be at the cutting edge of scientific fisheries management and optimise supply chain operations

David Carter, CEO of Austral
Part of the Maruha Nichiro group
World's largest seafood company

Woolworths has been working with OpenSC on this innovative technology as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver quality, fresh and sustainable products to our customers

Alex Holt, GM Quality, Health & Sustainability Woolworths Group
Australia's largest grocery retailer

OpenSC’s technology unlocks significant value for businesses. It enables new ways to engage with consumers, create operational efficiencies, and ultimately drive uptake of responsible practices that are also commercially viable

Rich Lesser, CEO Boston Consulting Group

OpenSC gives consumers the power to track their purchases from source to store, enabling them to buy sustainable, ethical and fair products from companies. OpenSC is a game-changer, massively increasing transparency and accountability

Marco Lambertini, Director General WWF International

One third of all food is wasted. So as OpenSC creates efficiencies in supply chains, as it tracks temperature from end-to-end, and targets very precise recalls - we can save days of shelf life and reduce food waste. This is great businesses and the planet.

Paul Hunyor, MD BCG Digital Ventures
Co-Chair World Economic Forum Council on Responsible Consumption

OpenSC will enable our customers to know the story behind what they’re eating and the beautiful romance around it. I don’t care what anyone says, when you know the story your food, it just tastes better!

Matt Moran, Leading Chef, Restaurateur & International Culinary Panel Singapore Airlines

OpenSC will revolutionise how we all buy food and other products, enabling us to reduce pressure on habitats and species, while also protecting human rights, and enabling more informed decision-making by consumers, businesses, governments and industry bodies.

Dermot O'Gorman, CEO of WWF-Australia

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